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The Anzisha Prize is Africa’s biggest award for her youngest entrepreneurs aged 15 – 22 years, and hands out over USD $200,000 every year in business support and prize money to very young entrepreneurs from all over the continent

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You could be Next Funded Young African Futurist

Eligibility Requirements

You must be between 15 and 22 years old with an ID document or Passport to present as evidence. Anyone born before September 1, 2000 or after August 31, 2007, will not be considered.

You must be a national of an African country with a business based in Africa for African customers/beneficiaries.

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The Anzisha Prize isn’t awarded for great ideas or business plans – you must have already started, and be able to prove it! Get started now and ensure you have tangible results to share before applications open.

Your business, invention or social project can be in any field or industry (science and technology, civil society, arts and culture, sports, etc.). Any kind of venture is welcome to apply.

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Individuals who apply must be one of the founding members of a business (for example, 2 or 3 co-founders who started up the project together).

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Application Deadline: 27 November, 2022

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