A Secret ethical hacker have expose how to unlock ET token

The first airdrop of ET tokens has successfully finished on SAE. All users were able to receive their tokens and make at least 1000$ by trading them on the exchange. However, some users have not received theirs because they did not know how to unlock them! Find out in this article how easy it is to unlock your ET token so that you can be a part of the second airdrops as well!

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*How to unlock ET on SuperEX Exchange 🔓*

There are two ways to unlock ✌️your ET:

  1. The first method of unlocking is through futures trading

  2. Based on your trading fee ET will be unlocked

  3. The Second way of unlocking is by referring:- 

  4. But in this method, you must refer your friends & if your referred friend unlocks 10 ET through futures trading .. 💥 Boom equivalent amount of ET will be unlocked on your account also (according to this example 10 ET will be unlocked)

Can ET be unlocked without trading? ✨

Yes, We will continue to develop and implement new methods of unlocking ET, some of which may not even require users to trade in order to unlock their ET token.

Withdrawal ❗

After unlocking ET, you can withdraw it at any time to any wallet that supports TRC-20.

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